Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Florida Senate 2010

Mel Martinez Approval:

Approve 23
Disapprove 43

Alex Sink 37
Mel Martinez 31

Mel Martinez 33
Robert Wexler 33

Republican Senator Mel Martinez is in grave danger when it comes to his reelection in 2010. PPP found that just 23% of voters in the state approve of his job performance, and state Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink leads him in a potential 2010 match up.

By contrast Democratic Senator Bill Nelson enjoys a 42/29 approval in the state.

Even among Republicans just 37% of respondents approve of Martinez, with 31% disapproving. Just 15% of independents and 12% of Democrats expressed support for the job he is doing.

Sink leads Martinez 37-31, holding Martinez to a 53-16 lead among Republicans while leading 59-12 among Democrats and 35-20 among independents.

Martinez also struggles against Congressman Robert Wexler, with their match up showing a 33-33 tie.

This poll provides pretty strong evidence that Martinez will be one of the most endangered Republican Senators in the country in 2010.

Full results here.

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