Friday, July 18, 2008

Why running against Jim Black isn't effective

In 2006 Republican legislative candidates tried to make Democratic ethical issues the focus of the election. It didn't work. Democrats made gains in both the House and the Senate.

Today's new Civitas poll may give the reason why. Only 49% of North Carolina voters know that Democrats control the House, an even smaller 40% know Democrats control the Senate, and only 61% even know that we have a Democratic Governor.

Voters are unhappy with their elected officials pretty much across the board right now. But it looks like a lot of them don't know who to blame if they're unhappy with what's going on in Raleigh. I bet upwards of 90% know what the party the President of the United States represents.

Pat McCrory and other Republican candidates can rail on corruption all they want this fall, but I think voters are much more likely to associate that term with Republicans in Washington than Democrats in Raleigh.

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