Thursday, July 10, 2008

More on Libertarians

I guess this is my week for being interested in the Libertarians. I dug deeper into the results of our North Carolina poll from last week and here were some of the findings:

-Folks who are supporting a Libertarian for one office are not necessarily planning to vote for the party's 'ticket.' For instance a plurality of Bob Barr's supporters, 37%, support Bev Perdue for Governor. 29% support Michael Munger and 27% are for Pat McCrory. There is a similar trend when looking at how Munger's supporters plan to go for President- 41% are for John McCain, 29% support Barr, and 27% plan right now to vote for Obama.

-Taxes and immigration appear to be the issues those supporting Munger find more important than the population at large. While just 5% of poll respondents overall listed immigration as their main concern, 18% of Barr and 10% of Munger's supporters do. Immigration isn't necessarily a big Libertarian issue, so this could be a sign that disaffected conservatives are going for the third party right now. Taxes were also listed as the top issue for only 5% of poll respondents, but it's the biggest thing for 14% of Munger support and 10% of Barr's.

The economy is still the biggest issue for voters supporting Libertarian candidates, but it runs about 10-15% lower than it does for the entire poll among those respondents.

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