Wednesday, July 30, 2008

NC Governor: Perdue vaults forward

Bev Perdue 46
Pat McCrory 37
Michael Munger 6

Since the primary one poll after another has shown Bev Perdue and Pat McCrory basically knotted, but Perdue has now opened up a solid lead.

Most of the movement appears to be among Democratic voters. Last month Perdue had just a 68-19 lead with them. That figure is now 76-12, and the 15 point increase in her lead among folks in her own party accounts for most of her gain. This may be attributable to her recent endorsement from former opponent Richard Moore.

Perdue is winning the black vote overwhelmingly while trailing McCrory by just seven points with white voters. Any Democrat who can keep the Republican lead among white voters under double digits is likely to win statewide in North Carolina.

Pat McCrory has lost some of the luster off of his 'change' message in recent weeks with revelations of large amounts of out of state money being spent on his behalf and news of a letter sent to lobbyists to help in raising money for his campaign. He'll need to turn it around quick to keep the race from getting away from him, particularly with Perdue's large overall fundraising advantage.

Full results here.

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