Monday, July 28, 2008

NC President and Senate numbers

We'll be announcing the latest numbers for President and Senate tomorrow morning a little after 7 AM on WBT, 1110 AM, in Charlotte. Tune in for the first look, or we should have them up on the blog by 11 or so.

The rest of the North Carolina numbers (Governor, Lieutenant Governor, etc.) will come out on Wednesday, as will the results from our Michigan poll.

Thanks many times over to Swing State Project for all the help in generating ideas of people for us to test against Mel Martinez! It's going to be hard to decide with all the great suggestions that have been made, but just because we don't try someone this time doesn't mean we won't sometime before November.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Tom, I think its great you have a blog here.

I was wondering if you could possibly poll Nevada. I was looking at and it seems to be the swing state most underpolled so far.

I know Nevada polls tend to be unreliable since the state is growing so quickly, but do you think you could give it a shot?

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