Monday, July 7, 2008

Perdue and Offshore Drilling

Some folks deride Bev Perdue as someone whose principles shift with the winds, the kind of person who tells each individual audience whatever she thinks they want to hear.

I don't think that's true, and she's demonstrating it on the issue of offshore drilling. All public polling that I've seen, including ours, shows pretty strong support from North Carolinians for it. Given that, you have to believe that Perdue's internal polling is telling her the same thing.

Yet in the face of all that, she has been unyielding in her opposition. It's the sort of principled stand that she's been accused of never taking. This is one where she's ignoring the potential political fallout and standing strong.

Environmental groups stayed out of the primary, but given Pat McCrory's power company experience and the divergent stands of the candidates on this issue, you have to wonder when they're going to start getting on board with the candidate who clearly better represents their interests.

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Marshal said...

I found this blog entry after reading the latest Perdue story in the Raleigh N&o and then googling for more info on Perdue's positions. Guess that initial assesment of Perdue might be a tad accurate. Just found this interesting in regards to the comments here:

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