Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Missouri Senate 2010

Kit Bond 44
Robin Carnahan 42

Kit Bond 47
Susan Montee 35

Bond Approval

Approve 39
Disapprove 33

Longtime Republican Senator Kit Bond could be in trouble if he was challenged by Robin Carnahan in 2010. PPP found that he would lead by an amount within the margin of error in a hypothetical match up between the two.

Bond's approval rating is just 39%, which is actually better than the 33% and 23% figures PPP recently found for George Voinovich in Ohio and Mel Martinez in Florida respectively. It's not a very good time to be a Republican Senator.

It's a long way off, and Bond may not even run for reelection in two years, but it's not surprising to see that a Carnahan would be likely to give him a strong challenge.

Full results here.

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