Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Missouri Governor

Jay Nixon 47
Kenny Hulshof 37

Jay Nixon 44
Sarah Steelman 39

As the polling has shown all along, Democrat Jay Nixon is the clear front runner to become the next Governor of Missouri.

There are some interesting trends within the numbers though. You would think that since Hulshof trails Nixon by ten points while Steelman is at just a five point disadvantage that Steelman would be the favorite for the GOP nomination. But the survey shows Hulshof leading 71-19 among self identified Republican voters over Nixon with Steelman leading just 63-22 among them. The reason Steelman is doing better than Hulshof relative to Nixon is that she gets twice as much support from Democrats as him. But that won't do much for her in the primary. This will be an interesting contest to watch.

Full results here

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