Friday, July 4, 2008

One more note on McHenry and Polling

Dee Stewart and the Patrick McHenry campaign say PPP has no credibility, but you have to wonder about their own internal polling.

Right before the primary in May, McHenry put out a poll showing himself winning 67-16. The margin ended up being 67-33. Did every single undecided break in Sigmon's way? I don't think so. So their pollster missed the margin by 17 points.

I'll guarantee right here and now that if we do a poll in the 10th District less than a week out from the election and get the margin wrong by 17 points I'll leave the business. It's funny to see them saying we have no credibility when the poll they put out most recently missed the final outcome by such a large margin.


Anonymous said...

How can anyone say a certain poll is trash if the election hasn't even happened yet?

Tom Jensen said...

Well we put out a poll that wasn't necessarily good news for their client (although it still showed him with an 11 point lead), so they trashed us.

Anonymous said...

With an environment like this, the GOP should be pleased with an 11 point lead.

Anonymous said...

Oops, that last anonymous post was mine. I forgot to take it off anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Patrick hired POS consultant, Dee Stewart, will help him do or say anything to remain in power. Patrick is no different than Bill Clinton, just go with the wind.

As for polls, Tom, your understand is correct about there polling. It is wrong, but they get away with it because all the newspapers in the 10th district have been brainwashed.

Plus, I hear that Patrick is not a true conservative.

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