Thursday, July 17, 2008

Took your suggestions

Thank you to those of you who left suggestions of questions for our Ohio and Virginia polls on this thread.

I am going to test Jennifer Brunner and Mike Coleman against George Voinovich as suggested.

I am also, as suggested, going to poll on people's attitudes towards George Allen and how people would vote in an Allen-Webb match today.

Some folk suggested polling on the 2009 race for Governor in Virginia. We actually took a preliminary look at that in our survey last month. But there were some good suggestions in there and I might poll on the favorable/unfavorable for the three candidates next month, as well as whether Virginians agree with the one term rule and whether they would reelect Tim Kaine if that was an option.

Thanks for the input! I will probably do this for several of the states we poll, and I am listening.

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