Tuesday, July 15, 2008

South Carolina Governor 2010

Jim Rex 36
Gresham Barrett 31

Gresham Barrett 40
Inez Tenenbaum 39

Henry McMaster 36
Jim Rex 36

Henry McMaster 39
Inez Tenenbaum 39

There aren't really any early favorites for Governor of South Carolina in 2010. None of the four candidates who we polled in possible match ups against each other stood out from the field, and of course there are other folks who may run then as well.

Some conclusions can be reached from the data though:

-For better or worse Inez Tenenbaum helps people pick a side. For instance while 33% of respondents were undecided about whether they would support Jim Rex or Gresham Barrett, only 21% were undecided between Barrett and Tenenbaum. 28% were undecided in the McMaster-Rex contest, but just 22% were undecided in a possible McMaster-Tenenbaum contest.

Tenenbaum may be the most well known of these four candidates from her Senate candidacy, and it appears that means more voters like and more voters don't like her than is the case for the other candidates.

-Tenenbaum is more popular with black voters than Jim Rex. She gets 65 and 67% of the black vote against Barrett and McMaster respectively, while Rex gets 48% and 61%. That fact could bode well for her in a competitive Democratic primary.

-McMaster does much better among Republicans against Rex than Barrett does. McMaster has a 62-10 edge with GOP voters while Barrett leads just 51-16. Barrett actually performs better among Democrats than McMaster against Rex- a 59-11 rather than a 66-9 one. But that won't do much to get him out of the primary.

Full results here.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the other candidates yet, but a vote for Tannenbaum is a vote for "do nothing" Are our schools off the bottom yet? No! Her leadership sure didn't get it done. Why would I want to vote for her for Governor? I want S.C. to go forward!

Anonymous said...

Just curious why Andre Bauer's name wasn't listed. I don't know much about politics but doesn't the Lt. Gov. always seems to get in the race when an incumbent gov can't run again?

Harriet said...

Jim Rex has certainly done more for education than any superintendent with the exception of Dick Riley (US Secretary/Governor). He would make an excellent governor!

Troy Wilson said...

Although I am not mentioned in the circle of politics as a possible candidate for Governor. Troy Wilson has some great ideas to get our state moving forward posted on my website. www.troywilson.com
If we continue doing what we have always done, we will get what we always got.

Anonymous said...

James Clyburn ought to run!

Eddie Black said...

It seems to me that in South Carolina Power and Wealth mean more than service to our state. I have neither. That is why I intend to jump into the race for governor. South Carolina faces a tough road ahead. Instead of looking at our budget or legislation is voting on who to name roads and bridges after. Since our governor has allowed private for profit groups to manage SC medicaid we have spent more while patient care suffers. I am the common man however I hope you will support my efforts on the Democratic ticekt

andy said...

Im voting for Harleston Barrett he is running independent of alll of that party politics.
Look him up !www.hbarforgov.com

michaeljam said...

I was informed Mark Durham is Running for Governor in S.C. This is a candidate TO WATCH. Honest and a straight up guy.
He will get all of our family's vote.


Anonymous said...

James Clyburn is the worst of all possible candidates. What an egotistical spendthrift!

CV said...

As a student of political science and an ardent conservative I must say that Larry Grooms is essentially the embodiment of what conservative principles have to offer, and the candidate South Carolina can most trust.

Contrary to the opinion of voters in the 2008 presidential election: experience matters, and a candidate’s voting record should be the most vital of data for our consideration. Senator Grooms has a 12 year record of true conservatism and pubic service to the people of South Carolina. He has the most conservative voting record in the Senate, from spending and expansion of government to life issues, his record speaks for itself. It is about time a legislator put his power to use, talking points and promises do nothing for the citizenry, and Senator Grooms has shown that his priority lies with the tax payers.

Perhaps the most captivating aspect of Larry Grooms is his embodiment of the American Dream. His political life was not born of pride or want of glory; he became a public servant after having worked his way from a trailer to the business world where he experienced, first hand, the need for reform. He eventually became the founder and president of his own company. It is this drive, experience, and unwavering principle that can lead this state honestly and efficiently.

In the race for the leadership of South Carolina I choose to put my faith in a man who was not only proven himself to the state, but also stands to remind us what true conservatism is.

I am looking forward to the debate tonight! if you are on twitter the hash for the debate is #scdebate

Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes. Because truly South Carolina definitely needs more conservatism I mean look at the wonders it's done for us in the past what five years or more. South Carolina needs a true progressive Democrat to stand up take over this election. And the worst thing of it all South Carolina for the past year or more has been a complete joke and that's aside from the horrific educational scores we have. The point is though it's not just about our deplorable educational scores it's about putting someone in office that's not going to continue the same economic and social mishaps of the past.

Anonymous said...

Andre bauer is running for governer i dont know why they dont have him in any of these polls. Also I dont understand these statistics... in a state that went 3-1 republican in a PRESIDENTIAL election is more than likely going to go 6-1 in a non-presidential election... try polling a higher numbe of people and from a wider range than columbia and lower...

Paul_in_SC said...

Can't believe that you left Nikki Haley off the list. She was endorsed by Gov. Sanford (prior to the scandal) and is also now being supported by Jenny Sanford, as well as other high profile Republicans. I see her as a cross between Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal because she brings badly needed fresh blood to the party and knows how to shake up the "good ole boys" of the GOP. The Washington Post just did a story on her this week as "one to watch".

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a politician willing to practice true fiscal conservatism in our state for a change. Look at the money spent on law enforcement in SC. It's absurd! We need to focus our limited resources towards scientifically proven ways of getting more out of our tax dollars. How many unemployed are there in our state? Why does our state partake in the liquor and tobacco trade and not the cannabis trade? It's obvious which are truly dangerous. When our kids are telling people that marijuana is easier to get than booze, you know your policies have failed. Let's get back to constitutional values. Can a good candidate please stand up?

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