Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Council of State: Everything Else

Lieutenant Governor:

Walter Dalton 37
Robert Pittenger 33

Dalton continues the small lead he held in our first post primary poll. As long as he can compete financially with Pittenger he should be in good shape.


Bill Daughtridge 35
Janet Cowell 33

Daughtridge has a small lead for the second poll in a row. The problem for Cowell like it was in our May poll is that she is running behind most of the Democratic ticket in the 252 area code, where Daughtridge lives and is evidently well respected.

Attorney General:

Roy Cooper 42
Bob Crumley 31

If any two people are a cinch to get reelected statewide in North Carolina this fall they are Cooper and...

Secretary of State:

Elaine Marshall 43
Jack Sawyer 31


June Atkinson 39
Richard Morgan 35

Atkinson's lead is 47-18 among voters whose biggest issue is education.


Steve Troxler 40
Ronnie Ansley 33

Most of the Democratic candidates are doing a little worse in this poll than they did in our previous one, but Ansley is actually doing a bit better. Maybe it's the the signs on the road.


Cherie Berry 40
Mary Fant Donnan 34


John Odom 38
Wayne Goodwin 32
Mark McMains 9

This is the race that is showing the most divergent results from our previous polling, and I wouldn't make much of it unless future polls confirm the trend. Obviously the Libertarian candidate for Insurance Commissioner is not likely to really get 9% of the vote this fall, but it's a low information race and that can lead to people giving strange responses.

Full results here.


Anonymous said...


Why do you think Dalton is in good shape if he can compete finacially with Pittenger?


Tom Jensen said...

I think in a Democratic year Democrats are likely to do well in Council of State races unless there are extenuating circumstances (i.e. Pittenger spending Dalton out of the water.)

Anonymous said...

How much do you think Dalton and Pittenger can raise?


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