Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Michigan Governor 2010

Dick DeVos 44
Dennis Archer 42

Dennis Archer 41
Terri Lynn Land 38

Dick DeVos 45
John Cherry 36

Terri Lynn Land 40
John Cherry 34

For the second month in a row PPP tested four possible match ups for Governor in 2010. You can see last month's results here.

Although it is incredibly early some trends are emerging. Dennis Archer has done better than John Cherry in all four hypothetical match ups and looks to be the stronger candidate at this point. Whether that's due to greater popularity or simply greater name recognition is up for debate.

There are also signs that Dick DeVos might be in better shape with the Republican base than some of the other possible Republican contenders. DeVos earns 77% of the votes of self identified Republicans against Archer. By comparison, Land gets 65% and in last month's polling we found Mike Cox at 60% and Candice Miller at 53%.

Archer has a lot more room to move up in his match up with DeVos than the 2006 Republican nominee does. 16% of Democrats report being undecided while just 5% of Republicans do, and Archer currently receives just 59% of the African American vote, a number that seems bound to increase.

Full results here.


Anonymous said...

As a person who usually votes Republican, even I can admit that DeVos was a wretched candidate in 2006. Let's hope a more capable Republican arises so we will at least have a serious choice and an interesting race.

Anonymous said...

How about Mark Murray? He's smart, respected, and experienced in state government (State Treasurer), higher education (President of Grand Valley), and private business (currently President of Meijer).

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