Thursday, March 19, 2009

Burr leads Marshall, approval still mediocre

PPP's monthly look at Richard Burr's approval rating finds it at 35/32, down from his peak of 41/34 four weeks ago. Burr has not been as visible in the last month as he was during February as a vocal opponent of the economic stimulus package.

Burr's numbers compare unfavorably to Elizabeth Dole's at the same point in the election cycle two years ago. She stood at 43/31.

In a hypothetical contest with Secretary of State Elaine Marshall, Burr leads 43-35. Despite running for the Senate in 2002 and serving in statewide office for over ten years, a majority of North Carolina voters don't know enough about her to hold a positive or negative opinion. Among those who do, 28% say they view her favorably with 19% holding an unfavorable view of her.

PPP also tested Marshall against Dole two years ago and found her trailing 46-35.

One of Burr's key points of vulnerability moving toward 2010 is his lack of popularity with the moderate voters who often decide elections in North Carolina. He has just a 26% approval rating with voters who describe themselves that way ideologically, with 37% disapproving.

Full results here

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