Thursday, March 12, 2009

NC GOP: Yikes

Did folks see this 'video' the North Carolina Republican Party made as a response to Bev Perdue's State of the State address?

What an embarrassment. I didn't even pay attention to the content because the production values were so terrible. The blurry picture makes Linda Daves look like a ghost, which I'm sure she doesn't look like in real life but probably is a good symbol for where the GOP in the state is today.

I'm sure they were trying to be trendy by putting their response on the internet but it's worse to do modern technology badly than it is to not do it at all.

The news that Tom Fetzer is now running for NCGOP chair is interesting. I think he would have to be an upgrade. He understands public relations and perception enough that I'm sure he would never let something this bad go out under his watch. And as the former Mayor of Raleigh he has at least shown an ability for success at a high level of politics.

It will be interesting to see if the main campaigns Fetzer was involved with last year- disastrously unsuccessful ones for Bill Graham and Elizabeth Dole- become an issue in the chair race. Will folks wonder if Fetzer's leadership is the kind of change in direction the party needs to get back on the right track?

Fetzer's candidacy is also a little curious given his statement to the N&O last September that he was closing his consulting firm because:
"We don't want to do campaigns anymore," said Fetzer. "We're old men and this is a young man's game."
I wouldn't think that serving as chair of Republican Party is much of a retirement gig, and you sure have to be involved with campaigns. The pay just isn't as good!

As a Democrat I'm glad to be able to just sit back and watch this one unfold from the sidelines.


Anonymous said...

What does this have to do with polling?

Can't find anything else to discuss so you become a partisan hack?

Tom Jensen said...

This blog has always discussed North Carolina politics beyond polling. Not a new development.

I'm pretty sure I know who left this comment and I can see why they wouldn't like the post.

Anonymous said...

This is comical.

Tom Fetzer is such an upgrade over the current crop of never-will-bes it isn't even funny. It is like the Yankees playing in a T-ball tournament with the 3 other teams made up of 6 year olds.

Marcus Kindley, Chad Adams, and David Robinson should do the hapless NCGOP a favor and pack it in.

Knowing the NCGOP they'll probably decide their best candidate is a heretic on some account and elect one of the nobodies to help continue to lead them down the path to nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Who are you guys polling next?

Anonymous said...

Yeah if I wanted partisan hackery I wouldn't come to a Democratic polling firms blog... oh... wait...

Anonymous said...

At least you're willing to identify yourself as a arm of the Democratic Party! Congrats had your ditty been about the message or its contents a discussion here might have been worthwhile. A Fluff piece like this is worhtless

Anonymous said...

Fetzer's involvement with the disasters called Graham and Dole will surely hurt him as will a myriad of other issues people have yet to learn of but will. If he is an upgrade, better grab a shovel Claudia, you will need it to dig out of the pile he puts you all in.

Anonymous said...

Tom Fetzer is less than forthright with a range of issues. I look forward to a lot of dirt hitting and the grand old party wondering why they ever let him run. The GOP may never recover from this one. If Woody White has financial issues, someone better do some better vetting of all types on Fetzer.

Anonymous said...

Let's all hope that the GOP sends Chad Adams in!! Yeah! He's just what the party deserves. He's the leader of the 6 years old ... how stupid can he get. Chad Adams has my vote :)

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