Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Virginia Governor still close

Four weeks ago when PPP polled the Virginia Democratic primary for Governor 46% of voters were undecided. Another month's worth of campaigning later that figure is still at 45%. A combination of possible voter fatigue following the 2008 election cycle and the fact that the candidates have not really started heavy spending on advertising yet has the outcome of this race still very much up in the air 10 weeks out from election day.

Brian Moran has moved into a slight lead at 22%, with Terry McAuliffe at 18%, and Creigh Deeds at 15%. Compared to a month ago all of the movement is within the margin of error, with Moran going from 19 to 22%, McAuliffe going from 21 to 18%, and Deeds going from 14 to 15%.

The candidates all now have roughly equal swaths of the Democratic primary electorate who hold a favorable opinion of them- 34% for Moran, 32% for McAuliffie, and 31% for Deeds. McAuliffe's negatives, at 29%, are almost twice as high as the other two candidates. 15% have an unfavorable opinion of Moran and 12% say the same about Deeds.

There is a little more separation in the contest for Lieutenant Governor this month. Jody Wagner is now leading with 21% with all three of her opponents- Jon Bowerbank, Pat Edmonson, and Michael Signer- lagging at 4%.

Full results here

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