Friday, March 13, 2009

Sports Polling

I am a huge Atlanta Braves fan and have been pretty much my whole life. Last weekend I bought tickets to their entire series in Los Angeles the minute single games for the Dodgers went on sale.

So I was pretty interested to see that Survey USA recently did some polling in metro Atlanta about the Braves and their ownership. They found that while only 26% of respondents reported having a favorable opinion of Ted Turner more than double that number, 55%, wish Ted would own the team again.

So do I. Also think they should bring Leo Mazzone back but I am optimistic for the season, even in a tough division.

They also did a Kentucky poll about UK coach Billy Gillispie and found that 54% of Wildcat fans think that he is the wrong coach for the school with only 33% thinking he's the right one.

I wouldn't write Gillispie off yet but I don't think folks should be shocked if he does end up being a failure- he was hired on an awfully thin resume. I don't think two years at UTEP and three at Texas A&M used to qualify you for the Kentucky job, and it's also pretty clear he didn't build anything lasting at either of those programs based on their success after he left.

UNC learned the lesson the hard way with Matt Doherty about hiring someone who didn't have a long track record of success as a head coach. Looks like UK is learning the same thing.

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