Monday, March 2, 2009

Virginia undecideds unusual?

We'll release the full poll tomorrow but one of the most striking things about our monthly look at the Democratic race for Governor in Virginia this time around is that 46% of likely primary voters continue to be undecided, a little more than three months before the election.

It got me to wondering how that level of indecision meshed with what we were finding in North Carolina at a similar point in the election cycle last year.

Three months before the Democratic primary for Governor last year only 20% remained undecided. Of course Richard Moore and Bev Perdue had each served in statewide office for eight years, in sharp contrast to Creigh Deeds, Brian Moran, and Terry McAuliffe this year in Virginia.

The Republican field for Governor last year may have been more comparable, with a field of candidates well known to political insiders but not necessarily the electorate at large. Even with that group though only 34% were undecided at a similar stage in the race.

I don't know if it's political fatigue from the Presidential election last year or what, but this primary doesn't seem to be grabbing people's attention much yet.

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