Monday, March 16, 2009

GOP race going to get nasty

I get the sense the race for NCGOP chair has already been kind of nasty in the low rumblings sense but I was a little surprised by a google search from an IP address in Charlotte that came in to the blog today:

"Tom Fetzer political dirt"

Folks are clearly digging, and it will be interesting to see if that kind of unpleasantness goes public.

After David Young announced he was going to run for NCDP chair the rest of the party pretty much got on board. Will Rogers may have said he didn't belong to an organized political party because he was a Democrat, but in North Carolina that statement applies a whole lot more to the Republicans right now.


Chris said...

And you're basing that on one Google search?

I'm going to Google "Tom Jensen loves Duke basketball" and will probably get referred to your site. Is that as newsworthy or true?

I know it's what you hope for, but you know as much about GOP internal politics as I do on thermonuclear dynamics.

And are equally qualified to speak on such.

Rasmus said...

Well, but the point is- you probably aren't interested in Toms baseball teams. But someone appears to search for something muddy in Fetzers past. And I don't know anyone who should search for mud in the life of local GOP leaders for fun- I think this is either an investigative reporter, a Fetzer staffer who is looking for potential traps or an oppo researcher from either the Democrats or another GOP chair contender.

Full Infinity Flame said...

That was Will Rogers, not Mark Twain.

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