Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What you've all been wanting to know

How many electoral votes would Barack Obama get if the GOP nominated Sarah Palin in 2012?

We'll have a new national poll to help answer that question tomorrow.


Rasmus said...

Woah. A breakdown by electoral vote? How do you do this? Is this a national poll as usual, or is n the same in every state? Even like that you'd need a sampling size of at least 15,000 or so to get a truly meaningful result, not to speak of what you'd need if you really do a national poll.

I still remember the SurveyUSA 50 state poll as if it was yesterday... One of the highlights of the year.

Are you also asking for the other GOP candidates (Romney, Huckabee, maybe Huntsman or Jindal?)?
A McCain-Obama matchup would also be great to establish something like a comparison.

Tom Jensen said...

Haha no, we just did a normal national poll but you can look at the difference between Obama/McCain last fall and Obama/Palin right now and make some pretty educated guesses on what individual states would flip.

Anonymous said...

Tom, are you just running polls now to embarrass people and get your polling outlet in the news? You know you are going to get cited tomorrow by all the blogging heads in the media. Hell, you may even get on MSNBC with Schuster.

Give us a clue at least, Palin within 20, within 15?

Brandon K said...

North Carolina? Will the rest of the NC poll be released today, i.e. Obama's approval?

Anonymous said...

Ok dude, nice exercise. I hope you'll make it a regular feature. Should make interesting reading once Obama's job approval rating average sinks below 50 percent at the start of the summer.

Let's do a sweepstake on when we can first call Palin our virtual Madam President. I say November '09. How about you?

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