Monday, March 9, 2009

Notes on Delaware

Our Delaware poll will start coming out tomorrow. A few notes:

-Delaware loves its politicians. Pretty much across the board the highest approval ratings we've found for folks anywhere in the country over the last year. I'm guessing that's a function of longevity- Jack Markell, Mike Castle, and Tom Carper have all been in statewide office for more than ten years- and being a small state- folks are better known.

-The Castle/Beau Biden results were a little surprising to me so I looked up Biden's Attorney General election from 2006 and thought it was interesting that despite the name, he won by just five points. He may not yet benefit from the same level of popularity as his father.

-Delawareans are comparatively eager to be polled. The hang up rate on this survey- the number of people disconnecting within five seconds of answering the phone- was less than 5%. For most states we poll that's closer to 20%.

Tomorrow we'll release the Castle/Biden stuff, Wednesday we'll have approval ratings for President Obama and other statewide officials, and Thursday we'll look at how some possible Democratic challengers would do against Castle for his House seat. Stay tuned...

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Anonymous said...

Poll NJ next please!

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