Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Rush Mailbag

I was surprised to hear from a friend I hadn't talked to in a long time on Friday: 'are you the Tom Jensen Rush Limbaugh was just talking about on his show?'

And that's how I found out he had gotten a third day of material out of our poll last week. Transcript here.

We've received a lot of phone calls and e-mails from fans of Rush over the last week. Here are some of the themes:

-A lot of Rush's listeners don't seem to get scientific polling. Lots of folks 'signing up' to be polled or asking what website they can visit to vote. Also a lot of folks saying the poll wasn't valid because we didn't call them personally. I guess the next time we do a poll about Rush we'll have to interview 100 million people or something to make sure we get everyone!

-Polling on Rush is unamerican. One example:
Who Cares????? So What????? Just Leave Rush Limbaugh Alone!!!
He's a Great American, and he's awesome!!!!! I'll defend his Constitutional and God---Given Right to speak his mind, all I want to, for the rest of my natural life. He hasn't done anything to you, so just leave him be. Thank You. I am a Great American also!!! (but, I'm not so sure that you are)
All of us at PPP will just have to try harder to be 'Great Americans.'

We also heard from some of Rush's detractors:
Regarding the fact that more women than men have a negative view of flush er rush limbaugh. I have the answer as to why. Women are smarter. Mike


For Rush Slimeball to win friends and influence people is to keep his big, fat, pie hole shut. Who wants to hear an old drug addict spew hatred and lies?
Finally, some of our correspondents seemed just plain confused:

Dear Rush -

I really enjoyed your speech to the RNC--you did a great job!!!Thank you for saying what we all needed to hear-I have been listening since the middle 80's & I listen every day & by the way I am a 69 year old WOMAN--Keep on talking!!!!
thank you


TOday's Rush Limbaugh program as to Summit and women's disparity in polls, not once did you give a phone number on air to call in, and could not find it on line. I wanted to call in, but could not find phone number anywhere on his web-pages - did I miss it somewhere?
Well it has certainly been amusing if nothing else. Except maybe for the Rush lover who called my cell phone at 3:20 AM Friday night.

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RS said...

Just saw your poll and the comments. Wow! I feel for you, Tom... It truly is funny to hear folks say "I am a middle-aged woman, and I love Rush, but I wasn't polled!"
Wonder if they also thought - "I am a Republican, and I am going to vote McCain, so he WILL win - but I wasn't polled!"

Oh wait, I assumed they think ;-)

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