Monday, March 2, 2009

More from Elon

Elon has more of its newest numbers out today. The stuff that caught my attention:

-66% support for off shore drilling. That seems pretty steady with where it was last summer when gas prices were at their peak. We've been meaning to poll this and I had expected support to decrease with prices back at a more reasonable level but it doesn't look like it. We'll probably look at this on our next NC issues poll.

-Folks are actually pretty willing to spend some money for public transportation. 77% said they would support making commuter rail available in urban areas and 69% said they'd like a regional rail system in their own areas. It's generally a given that folks like that stuff if you don't talk about how to pay for it, but there's also 57-35 support for letting local governments use a half cent sales tax to pay for such projects. Charlotte voters have already made that choice, and it looks like if the legislature gives residents of the Triangle the same opportunity there could be a similar outcome.

-A slight plurality (47%) of respondents said they agreed with the moratorium on the death penalty, compared to 45% opposed. I am a little surprised about that given overall support for capital punishment in the state.

-50% support universal health care compared to 37% who prefer the current system.

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