Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Perdue Approval Unaffected by Lottery Reallocation

A strong majority of North Carolina voters are opposed to Bev Perdue's proposal to help balance the budget using lottery money, but it's not having any impact on her overall approval, which remains in positive territory.

63% of respondents think that lottery proceeds should continue to be spent solely on education. That sentiment is particularly strong with Republicans (77%) and independents (72%). Democrats are evenly split on the proposal.

Perdue's approval rating is 44/35, pretty much the same as her 43/32 spread a month ago. For the second month in a row her numbers in greater Charlotte (44/31) are better than her overall statewide figures, an indication that her efforts to reach out to the region where she fared the poorest at the polls in November are working. She's also doing particularly well in the Triangle (56/29) and in her home base of eastern North Carolina (52/35).

And perhaps most important with the budget coming out today, she has particularly strong numbers among voters most concerned with the economy (50/29). It's the top issue for 55% of the state, and Perdue gets stronger numbers on it than anything else besides health care.

The Governor does have some work to do with independents, where her standing has slipped into slightly negative territory (37/39).

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