Thursday, March 26, 2009

From the Mailbag...

A couple gems for you today.

The first is one of the best e-mails we've ever gotten. We're accused of being on the take for Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee, but also of being 'partisan hacks' in the same e-mail. Doesn't it have to be one or the other?

Interestingly this came during business hours from the state e-mail address of someone in Georgia. Sonny Perdue, if you need any help finding under productive positions to cut in tough budget times this might be one of them. The e-mail:

From: Rhondre Hall [mailto:Rhondre.Hall@DOR.GA.GOV]
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 4:26 PM
To: Jensen, Tom
Subject: The Obama vs Palin Poll

I find your study biased against Governor Palin. First, of all it is too early to be doing a poll for the 2012 presidential contest and you are obviously working for either Romney or Huckabee. The poll is garbage unless you also do a comparison of other potential nominees. Mr. Romney recently won the CPAC straw poll so I would be interested to see a poll done with a Obama vs Romney hypothetical matchup and a Obama vs Huckabee. McCain was right not to pick Romney for VP. I watched the primaries and he is such a fake and you can see right through him. Also, it would be wise to ask potential 2012 voters the question whether or not they would vote for a Mormon for President. I would be interested to see that number. Until, you can be an objective force in politics and not a partisan hack, please go away Mr. Jensen.


Rhondre Hall

The second one comes from a North Carolinian and I post it here as a reminder of who Republican politicians have to pander to during primaries in this state, and why it makes it harder for them to win general elections:

From: jmcdowell []
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2009 6:59 PM
To: PPP Information
Subject: Polling

What a gathering of lying, liberal, and misleading sons of bitches. I love your polling against Rush Limbaugh. Rush could probably have a bowel movement smarter than all of you ragheaded, muslim, chicago thug loving bastards at this phony group. Rush scares you socialist assholes to the core. I noticed how many dems were polled. If Rush has the so called disapproval ratings, why does he have so many listeners in NC? Why has he been on WPTF 680, WSJS 600, and many others in NC since about 1988?

You lying bastards, you can poll just the libs in chapel hill and raliegh and come up with anything you want. I love what you lying scumbags are doing. carville, begalla, and greenberg thought they had a great idea last fall and would take on the Gorilla of talk radio. I see they called off the dogs after they learned the audience grew to unprecedented numbers for EL Rushbo. Please keep up the lying because you are growing his audience.

This phony group of pathetic imbeciles proves the gene pool needs and enema.

Have a nice day and screw all of you assholes.


Anonymous said...

To the NC writer:

I had to burst your right-wing bubble, but after I read this response this morning, I took a quick poll among co-workers. I asked 10 people if they Listen to, or LIKE Rush. ONLY TWO PEOPLE stated that they listen to him, and that was on a rare basis. The other eight, me included, have negative views about him. It's people like yourself, and Rush, that give the GOP a horrible name here in NC. Keep it up though, because next, Burr will be out!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I don't think you should post the e-mail addresses or names of the people who wrote these stupid e-mails to you. They wrote a private, albeit idiotic, message intended only for you, not necessarily for public consumption.

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