Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Delaware loves its politicians

Over the last year and a half PPP has done approval ratings on Senators and Governors in states across the country but never has it ever found a Governor with as high an approval rating as Delaware's Jack Markell or a Senator with numbers as good as Tom Carper.

Markell is enjoying approval from 62% of the state's voters, with only 17% disapproving. It's no surprise he gets support from 76% of Democrats, but his performance also gets positive reviews from a plurality of Republicans (42/32), and a majority of independents (52/15).

Carper's numbers are 57/26, just slightly better than the 57/27 PPP registered for Missouri Senator Kit Bond shortly after he announced he would not run for reelection in mid-January. Carper doesn't have the crossover appeal of Markell, with 50% of Republican disapproving of his job performance, but he does have great numbers within his own party (73/13) and among independents (48/28).

Markell and Carper both have greater than 50% approval with every demographic group PPP tracks by race, gender, and age.

President Obama is off to a pretty good start with Delaware voters as well, with 63% approving of his work so far compared to 31% who disapprove. Obama is extremely strong with the Democratic base, with 89% expressing support for his work, but has considerably weaker numbers than Carper and Markell with Republicans and independents. 64% of Republican disapprove of Obama's performance with only 25% in approval, and independents are just narrowly giving him positive marks, 49/43.

Appointed Senator Ted Kaufman is a blank slate to a plurality of voters in the state, with 41% saying they have no opinion of him one way or the other. Among those who do he has 35% approval and 24% disapproval.

Full results here.

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