Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trends in Obama's Approval

Over the last month we've looked at Barack Obama's approval rating in a blue state (Delaware), a purple state (North Carolina), and a red state (Texas.)

Here are the trends among Democrats, Republicans, and independents:

-Democrats love Obama no matter where they are. Maybe that seems like a no brainer but remember all the noise last year about the PUMA's? Clearly that was overblown. It was one thing for disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters to vote for Obama last fall as the lesser of two evils, but at this point they don't have any obligation to say they like the job he's doing unless they really do. He gets 90% support from Dems in Texas, 89% in Delaware, and 82% in North Carolina. Clearly there is no widespread gnashing of teeth over Obama with the party faithful.

-Independents are pretty divided. In all three states we found both his approval and disapproval with them in the 40s. It was 49/43 in Delaware, 46/45 in North Carolina, and 42/46 in Texas. There's still a fair amount of work to do there.

-Not a lot of support from Republicans, and the redder a state is the less the GOP is supportive of Obama. He gets 8% approval from Texas Republicans, 12% in North Carolina, and a more respectable 25% in Delaware. Definitely not lighting the world on fire across party lines, but I'm not sure what he can really do about that.

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