Friday, March 27, 2009

Next Week...

-We're going to have our monthly look at the Democratic contest in Virginia. I kind of thought Terry McAuliffe would be pulling away by now because of his resources advantage, so I guess we'll see if there's any truth to that or not.

-Thinking a week ahead, any thoughts on what we should poll next weekend for release the first week of April? Nothing is totally jumping out so your suggestions are welcome.


Rasmus said...

Wisconsin Senate?
Feingold isn't terribly popular, won in 2004 by just 11 points against a no-name candidate (not even a state representative or something like that) and while he has a reputation for being liberal, he strays away from the party line pretty often, looking at the roll call votes of this session.

And it hasn't been polled yet.

Brandon K said...

Are you going to do any general election matchups in your Virginia poll?

Tom Jensen said...

We'll probably do some general election matchups in May after the campaigns have geared up to see if there are any electability differences between the Democrats shortly before the primary but not yet.

We'll consider Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

I just read your paper on "Why Moderates Win in NC". You (and the rest of us) use the terms: liberal, conservative, moderate.

So what ask people of each group what it means to be: liberal, conservative, moderate. What are their postions on taxes, schools, health care, etc.

If we/you just resort to cheap, shorthand labels aren't we missing a lot of information?

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the mistype.

SB: "So ask people of each group ..."

smert said...

What about CA Sen and CA Gov

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