Monday, January 28, 2008

Is Perdue benefiting from Easley's popularity?

Got an interesting email last night from someone wondering if the lead Bev Perdue has been showing over Richard Moore in the polls might be the result of coattails from Mike Easley's popularity.

I can see why someone might think that. Folks often think of the Lieutenant Governor as the Governor's right hand man (or in this case woman.) And Perdue has retained most of Easley's campaign team.

On the other hand though, the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are elected separately in North Carolina. And Moore and Easley share a campaign manager.

I asked a close observer of North Carolina politics yesterday who he thought Easley would cast a ballot for in the privacy of the voting booth come May, and he said he genuinely had no clue.

I don't personally associate either Moore or Perdue as being closer to Easley than the other. They're just both Democratic members of the Council of State that Easley oversees.

It's an interesting question though, and something we might try to poll on next month. Any thoughts?


No said...

(Got to find something else to do while I watch the state of the union address. A drinking game would knock me out with this speech.)

Despite them both being separately elected members of the council of state, I still think I subconsciously associate Bev with Easley for some reason or another, and I'd venture that I'm not alone. Perhaps there are some similar policy leanings to back this up, but I'm not 100% that my association is justified. Of course, in my case, an Easley association is a negative, perhaps because I have many friends and family who work for the state. Any chance other self-defined progressives might feel this way?


Governor Easley is the do nothing govenor. Opps i am wrong on that. He has signed into law allowing our taxes and spending to go out of control. I certainly would not want to ride those coat tails. he has raided county taxes as well as the hightway "TRUST" fund to fund his earmarks (pork barrel). He also is a HUGE proponent of PAY for PLAY. All in all i would have to say he has been a terrible govenor.

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