Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Taking your suggestions

Last month we showed that George Voinovich had a 33% approval rating and could be in for a strong challenge from either Tim Ryan or Betty Sutton in 2010. I want to poll another two possible challengers against Voinovich for an Ohio poll we'll have going into the field on Thursday. Do our readers have any suggestions? I want the people we poll to be a) people who reasonably might run and b) would be viable. So for instance I'm sure Ted Strickland would be a strong candidate, but I'm sure he's happy being Governor. And I'm sure there are some obscure legislators who would love to run for the US Senate, but could never mount a viable campaign. Leave a comment or send me an email by noonish on Thursday and I'll consider your suggestions.

We're also polling Virginia this week and at this point I don't have anything I want to poll except the Presidential and Senate races but I'd like to add three or four other questions to the poll. If there are hypothetical future political races or public policy questions that PPP readers in Virginia think we should ask let me know.



Anonymous said...

Ask about whether they support offshore drilling or not.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see where support for George Allen would be in a hypothetical race for Gov. in '09, or a rematch with Jim Webb in '12. Possibly do a favorable/unfavorable general opinion, if nothing else. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see crosstabs for the 2004 Presidential and the 2006 Senate races in Virginia.

Anonymous said...

I think the VA-Gov race in 2009 could be an interesting question.

Anonymous said...

Try polling Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman. He ran for governor and almost won in 98 and considered running in 06 before deferring to Strickland. He headed up Stickland's transition team and if Sutton and Ryan don't run he would be a strong candidate. He would also be the first African-American senator from Ohio.

Another possible candidate would be SoS Jennifer Bruner. She would be another one to test

Matt said...

For Virginia, I would like to see offshore drilling polled, the general election governor's race polled along with a primary matchup and favorability ratings for the gubernatorial candidates and how people would view an Obama-Kaine ticket. Something that doesn't have relevance but still would be interesting to me is finding out how Virginians view their state not allowing governors to run for reelection.

Thanks for letting us submit suggestions.

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