Friday, March 20, 2009

Next Week

-We're going to have an Arkansas poll looking at whether Blanche Lincoln really has anything to worry about or not. This was suggested by a blog commenter- we really do listen to your suggestions! I know I had said I thought we should poll Pennsylvania about Arlen Specter stuff but I believe Quinnipiac will have their monthly look there next week and we're trying to give you something different.

-Throughout the week we'll have the interesting results of a poll conducted by our spring fellow Katherine Rumbaugh about the North Carolina media landscape.

-And on Monday we'll have the numbers on how North Carolinians view Rush Limbaugh.


Anonymous said...

While you are at it, looking at 2012, could you please poll Obama vs. Palin, Romney or Huckabee in Arkansas as well ?

How about Obama's and Mike Beebe's Approval Rating in the state ?

Thank You

Rasmus said...

I think that Lincoln is safe unless Huckabee runs, and he won't. But well, you're looking for sleeper races.. maybe there is one. You could try WI next.

Brandon K said...

This was my idea!

Anonymous said...

Tom, how much would it cost to commission a poll between Palin and Obama for all 50 states? You'd get some pretty good pub since you seem to be into that type of stuff.

Poll Romney, Huckabee, and Sanford as well.

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