Friday, March 20, 2009

Obama approval steady in North Carolina

PPP's monthly look at Barack Obama's approval rating in North Carolina finds his numbers pretty much unchanged from a month ago, with 53% of voters expressing support for his work so far and 40% saying they disapprove. The spread in February was 52/41.

The results are strongly polarized along party lines, with 84% of Democrats but only 15% of Republicans approving of his performance. Independents are split right down the middle with 46% approving and 46% disapproving. There is a strong ideological split among unaffiliated voters with 85% who describe themselves as liberals and 55% who identify as moderates giving Obama good marks while only 20% of conservative independents do.

Obama's numbers are in positive territory overall because of his strong numbers with moderates in general, as 65% of them approve with only 26% disapproving. For the most part in North Carolina if you have the support of the centrists you're going to be alright.

The groups that gave Obama the most support at the ballot box in November- women, young people, urban and suburban voters, African Americans, and those in the Triangle- predictably give Obama his best reviews. He's in negative territory with rural voters, whites, folks in the mountains and folks in the Triad.

Full results here


Anonymous said...


would you expect Obama's fav/unfav numbers to exceed his job performance numbers?

Rasmus said...

Generally they do, why should it be otherwise in NC?

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