Thursday, May 22, 2008

Best in Oregon

Survey USA has its report card out for pollsters who did Oregon, and we were first by every measure.

We've polled in seven Democratic primaries since Super Tuesday, which is sort of the point where we figured out how the heck to poll in this most unusual contest. While we're doubtless best known for the Pennsylvania disaster, in addition to finishing first in the SUSA report card for Oregon, we also did in Wisconsin, North Carolina, and Indiana. And we had the lowest combined error of any company that did both Ohio and Texas on the key March 4th election day.

Not bad for a company polling the Presidential race for the first time- now we just have to figure out how to do our general election polling, particularly in terms of weighting or not weighting for party identification in what will doubtless continue to be a unique election cycle.

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Anonymous said...

Know what else you're best in? Transparency! Just the fact that you blog about this stuff is a great step. You guys,, and fivethirtyeight have really elevated the discourse - for most of the public, polling was a black box of magic numbers up until this year. Good on ya!

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