Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NC races: we nailed them

Over the last 16 months PPP released 23 North Carolina tracking polls looking at all of the partisan races for statewide office. It was the most comprehensive data ever made publicly available for the North Carolina races, and we have endured a lot of praise and grief for it during the time.

Now it's over. How did we do?

We said Barack Obama would win the Presidential primary by double digits. He did.

We said Bev Perdue would win a blow out victory for Governor. She did.

We said, much earlier than any other polling company, that Kay Hagan would win the nomination for Senate by an enormous margin. She did.

We showed that Janet Cowell would win the Democratic primary for Treasurer without a runoff. She did.

We showed that Beth Wood would win a dominant victory for Auditor. She did.

We showed Mary Fant Donnan leading for Labor Commissioner with Robin Anderson and John Brooks duking it out for the second runoff spot. It happened.

We showed Wayne Goodwin would win a solid victory for Insurance Commissioner. He did.

Our private polling showed that Walter Dalton would win the nomination for Lieutenant Governor without a runoff. He did.

On the Democratic side the one race where I'm not thrilled with our performance is Superintendent. Eddie Davis came much closer to knocking off June Atkinson than our polling had indicated.

We showed that Pat McCrory would win the Republican nomination for Governor and there wouldn't be a runoff. He did.

We showed that Robert Pittenger would dominate the race for Lieutenant Governor. He did.

We showed that Richard Morgan would win the nomination for Superintendent without a runoff. He did.

And of course we picked the Elizabeth Dole race right :)

For all the slings and arrows, I'd say we ended up just about perfect.


John said...

Don't worry. There will be some supporters here soon to tell you just how wrong you really still are. Somehow...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations PPP -

Are you able to release any polling results from local races which you conducted - such as Orange County?

Anonymous said...

If you nailed it at 10, what did Zogby do at 14?

Tom Jensen said...

I see that the ip address on this latest comment is from someone who works at Zogby. Nice.

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