Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Key Demographic in the Governor's Race

If the race for Governor remains close over the next six months, who emerges victorious could come down to who earns the votes of white Democrats in the greater Charlotte area.

Pat McCrory's standing in the region is remarkably strong. He has an amazing 96-2 lead over Bev Perdue among Republican voters in his home base, compared to 78-14 statewide. And while the race is 50-36 with independent voters across North Carolina, McCrory leads 68-23 around Charlotte.

The biggest potential problem our poll this week showed for Perdue came with white Democrats in the region- she leads McCrory just 54-42 with them. That's a pretty remarkable amount of crossover support. If Perdue can bring most of those voters home, she should be in better shape. But if she can't, she's going to have to really rack up margins in the eastern counties to make up for McCrory's Charlotte strength across party lines.

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