Monday, May 12, 2008

More Rasmussen/WRAL

Yesterday Rasmussen showed Kay Hagan in the lead over Elizabeth Dole, now it shows John McCain leading Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton just 48-45 and 43-40 respectively.

The much higher level of undecideds in the Clinton/McCain matchup is an indication to me that they are seeing the same thing we did with many black voters saying they are undecided if Hillary ends up with the nomination.

WRAL has the crosstabs on its website, but does not have them by race.

WRAL also says they will have Gubernatorial numbers tonight. My guess based on what I've seen in these Senate and Presidential numbers is that they're going to show Bev Perdue leading Pat McCrory by 4-6 points. Although I would like to believe the numbers Rasmussen has put out over the last few days I think they are a little too favorable for Democrats.

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