Monday, May 5, 2008

Democratic Tracking Poll: Governor

Bev Perdue 51
Richard Moore 33
Dennis Nielsen 5

Bev Perdue is going to be the Democratic nominee for Governor. Over the last two weeks she has doubled her lead in the race, along the way taking the lead with every demographic category we run numbers for.

She has a commanding 59-25 lead with black voters, an indication that her response to Richard Moore's ads tying her to the KKK and Confederate memorabilia was more effective than the original ads themselves. She also now leads 47-39 with white voters, a better performance than she has shown in most recent polling of the race and a possible indication that Moore's ads turned those voters off as well.

Among those who say they voted early Perdue has a particularly strong 58-35 lead. She has a double digit lead in every region of the state.

Full results here.

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