Monday, May 19, 2008

Oregon Poll: Senate

Steve Novick 38
Jeff Merkley 33
Candy Neville 6
David Loera 1
Pavel Goberman 1
Roger Obrist 1

The heated Oregon senate primary is going right down to the wire, with Steve Novick and Jeff Merkley still in a statistical dead heat with 19% undecided on election eve.

The better Barack Obama does, the better Novick's chances, our poll found. Novick leads 45-34 with Obama supporters, while Merkley has a 34-30 advantage with those who are supporting Clinton.

Merkley leads with senior citizens and the two are tied with young voters, but Novick currently has a strong advantage with middle aged voters in the state.

Novick also has a strong advantage with men, while Merkley has the small edge with women.

This race could go either way in tomorrow's tally.

Full results here.

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