Monday, May 5, 2008

Republican Tracking Poll: the Other Stuff

Robert Pittenger, with 40%, followed by Greg Dority, Jim Snyder, and Timothy Cook at 9%, 8%, and 6% respectively is going to be the GOP nominee for Lieutenant Governor.

Elizabeth Dole leads Pete DiLauro 84-11 in her quest for renomination.

The Republican race for Superintendent could see two outcomes tomorrow: an outright win by Richard Morgan, or a runoff between him and either of his opponents. Morgan is at 19%, followed by Eric Smith with 13% and Joe Johnson with 12%.

Full results here


Anonymous said...

One thing that makes no sense: Of the people that have already voted 18% are saying they are undecided in the Lt. Gov race for Republicans. Around 30% in the Democrat's Primary that have already voted are saying they are undecided.

What gives? Did they not actually vote in that race or forget who they voted for?

Tom Jensen said...

My guess is that it is people who left those fields blank for the most part.

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