Monday, May 19, 2008

Oregon Poll: President

Barack Obama 58
Hillary Clinton 39

Barack Obama is likely to win a dominant victory tomorrow in Oregon. PPP has repeatedly found similarities between Wisconsin and Oregon in its polling of the two states. Both times polling more than two weeks out tended to show Obama with a lead in the single digits. A week out his lead moved into the lower double digits. And now it's in the upper double digits. Oregon is also the only state besides Wisconsin where we've found the war as an issue on par with the economy, and that works to Obama's advantage as well.

Given how many people have already voted and how strongly they're going for Obama, there's a decent chance he's already won the primary based on the ballots already filled out. 74% of respondents said they had already voted, and among them Obama has a 60-39 advantage.

Obama leads 50-43 with women, pretty much cutting off any hope for Clinton, while leading 63-32 with men. Clinton leads senior citizens, while Obama has the advantage across the rest of the age groups.

Full results here.

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