Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dole on Polls

This story in The Hill about the bad shape Republicans are in when it comes to the Senate picture had some interesting stuff relating to our race here in North Carolina.

Referring to the recent rash of polls showing Elizabeth Dole in trouble:
Dole’s campaign attacked the automated polls earlier this month and noted that one of them was from a Democratic-leaning firm.
I never saw them playing the PPP is Democratic card with the North Carolina media in the last month so that must be one they're reserving for the DC crowd. Folks in the press here know that we nailed every single statewide primary earlier in the month, and trying to attack our credibility to people who know us probably isn't going to be a winning proposition for the Dole campaign.

The most recent poll, Civitas, is from a live interviewing outfit with a conservative bent. Their numbers were better news for Kay Hagan than ours, so I'm not sure how the Dole camp is going to play that one.

This is actually a good example of why when it comes to the horse race it's silly for Democrats to attack Civitas, and it's silly for Republicans to attack PPP. Getting it right is critical to the credibility of both polls, and we're going to put out the numbers we get whether they're good for the candidates we like or not. Of course we might tell you a different story about what it all means.

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