Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Curious Dole Maneuvering

When Marty Ryall was hired as Bill Graham's campaign manager in December, Graham was polling at 14% in our survey, tied with Pat McCrory. That was with 47% still undecided.

Graham ended up getting 9% in the election.

Now Ryall is Elizabeth Dole's campaign manager. That's the equivalent of being the coach at a school like Liberty, failing miserably, and then getting hired to coach at Duke.

It's an odd move by the Dole camp.

Some folks have dismissed the two polls showing the race tightening last week because they came right after a primary campaign where Kay Hagan got a lot of positive air exposure and Dole didn't. There's some truth to that- but at the same time Dole didn't get attacked over the air any about her inattentiveness to North Carolina during the primary either- and a well done negative campaign causes a lot more damage than a positive campaign ever can.

If the Hagan campaign does a good job it will be interesting to see how this race unfolds.

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