Monday, May 5, 2008

Democratic Tracking Poll: Everything Else


Kay Hagan 41
Jim Neal 11
Marcus Williams 6
Duskin Lassiter 4
Howard Staley 2

Although he earned a lot of respect from Democratic activists, Jim Neal never really caught on with the masses. Hagan will win a resounding victory tomorrow.


Janet Cowell 26
David Young 18
Michael Weisel 14

Cowell made a decision to hold back on tv and run a ton the final week of the campaign even while David Young went on the air in mid-April. It looks like that may have been a prudent choice- she has stormed ahead after trailing by three points in our poll last week. A runoff in this race is still a possibility but it doesn't look like Michael Weisel's final performance will end up being strong enough to send the race in that direction.


June Atkinson 37
Eddie Davis 19

Atkinson will win the nomination to run for another term.


Beth Wood 36
Fred Aikens 22

Wood will almost certainly be the Democratic nominee for Auditor.

Insurance Commissioner:

Wayne Goodwin 27
David Smith 21

Possibly more telling that Goodwin's overall lead is that he is up 43-25 with folks who voted early. That would seem to be an indication that when voters research the candidates and make their decision, they're choosing Goodwin.

Labor Commissioner:

Mary Fant Donnan 16
John Brooks 15
Robin Anderson 15
Ty Richardson 10

This race is headed for a runoff and any of the top three candidates have a decent chance of making it.

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