Friday, May 16, 2008

Fun with crosstabs: state stuff

-Another indication that Pat McCrory is doing a better job with crossover support than Bev Perdue right now: while 77% of Perdue's supporters are Democrats, just 61% of McCrory's supporters are Republicans.

-Perdue also continues to be heavily reliant on the black vote, as she was for much of the primary before taking over with white voters down the stretch run. 54% of her supporters are white, while 42% are black. For McCrory the figures are 88% and 9%. Obama on the ticket will definitely help Perdue.

-For the sake of comparison, Roy Cooper's supporters are are 67% white and 31% black.

-The greatest level of convergence of support between two candidates? Supporters of Wayne Goodwin support Elaine Marshall by a margin of 87-8. The lowest level of convergence of support between two candidates of the same party? Supporters of Pat McCrory support Bob Crumley by a margin of only 54-30 against Cooper.

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