Friday, May 30, 2008

Mini Tracking Poll Preview

We're going to have a mini tracking poll on Monday for the two potential Presidential match ups, and the Senate and Governor races.

Here are some of the interesting things to watch:

-We included Bob Barr for the first time, and he's having a definite impact in North Carolina. It's not necessarily what you would intuitively expect though.

-Elizabeth Dole's television ads are having a definite impact as well.

-Mike Munger might be helping Bev Perdue.

Tune in Monday. Now I'm off to 54 innings of baseball in 54 hours for the Cary Regional of the NCAA Tournament. Go Heels!


Rasmus said...

He has not the impact you would intuitively think of?
Does he take the his votes away from the Democrat??

Anonymous said...

Rasmus I guess we will see soon, they should have the number out soon.

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