Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Democratic Tracking Poll: Governor

Bev Perdue 41
Richard Moore 34
Dennis Nielsen 2

Three weeks ago PPP showed Perdue leading by 27 points. Last week it was down to 10. Now it's down to 7. How has he done it? You can read my analysis of that here.

Talking specifically about the poll, one interesting finding is that even among people who support Moore or Perdue, only 50% say they are sure they will vote for that candidate in the primary. The other half says they could change their mind. That means there are a lot of votes out there to be gotten in the next six weeks.

Moore's supporters are slightly more solid than Perdue's. 54% of his are sure they'll vote for him while 46% could change their mind, compared to 49% and 51% on the same measures for Perdue.

Perdue's lead among white voters is down to two points but she continues to do very well with black voters, among whom she has a 46-25 lead.

Full results here.

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