Monday, March 24, 2008

Richard Moore's one two punch

We're not done running this week's tracking poll yet but based on what I've seen so far it's pretty clear that after pulling within ten points of Bev Perdue last week, Richard Moore has drawn even closer this week. We'll release those numbers Tuesday or Wednesday.

How has Moore's campaign come back from the brink of death in just three weeks? He's remade himself into a populist and judging by the way the numbers are moving he's done a darn good job of it.

His first punch came when he hit the air with an ad touting his support for affordable college tuition, increases in the minimum wage, and keeping down property taxes. He made himself out as a fighter who would stand up for regular people on issues that affect their daily lives.

His second punch came a week later with the first negative ad of the campaign. Instead of focusing on the sort of ticky tack junk that defined the Moore attacks of 2007 he stayed on message with the populist theme, whacking Perdue for repeated votes in the legislature to raise tuition.

The result is poll numbers that are the best they've looked for Moore in months.

The Perdue campaign's main line of attack has been that Moore is the 'candidate from Wall Street.' That's a good one to counter balance Moore's attempts to make himself out as a man of the people. And it's one the Perdue campaign should probably get off of youtube and its attack blog and onto WRAL as soon as possible. There's plenty of time left before the primary but the recent trend in this race is likely to be making her supporters a little antsy.

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