Monday, March 24, 2008

Rasmussen General Election Polls

Rasmussen has new general election polls out for President and Governor in North Carolina:

In the Governor's race, Bev Perdue and Richard Moore both lead possible match ups with Pat McCrory and Fred Smith. Against McCrory Perdue has a 45-42 advantage and Moore has a 42-40 edge. Against Smith, Perdue leads 51-33 and Moore leads 45-34.

Just more confirmation that Pat McCrory is the only Republican who could possibly be elected Governor this year.

I was interested to see that in its press release Rasmussen made comparisons to its January poll but not to its February poll. As you may recall, Chris Hayes from Civitas and I both thought their February poll was bunk. Maybe they're subtly admitting it was too.

In the Presidential race they show John McCain leading Hillary Clinton 50-34 and Barack Obama 51-42. SurveyUSA and PPP have both shown the race in the state considerably closer than that.

This is the first poll I've seen that lends credibility to the argument that Clinton would do so badly in North Carolina that it would damage prospects for the rest of the ticket. The press release for the Presidential stuff is here.

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Anonymous said...

PPP and SurveyUSA show a tighter Presidential race in NC, but both polls are about a month old, right?

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