Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Democratic Tracking Poll: the Other Stuff

US Senate:

Kay Hagan 23
Jim Neal 9
Marcus Williams 6
Duskin Lassiter 4
Howard Staley 3

This race has looked pretty much the same three months in a row now when we've polled it. The undecideds are static. As long as Hagan doesn't gain Neal is in pretty good shape because he's running a more active campaign which may start to see its fruits closer to the election. Hagan leads in every region of the state but is particularly buoyed by a 39% performance in her home base of the Triad.

Lieutenant Governor:

Pat Smathers 13
Walter Dalton 11
Hampton Dellinger 8
Dan Besse 7

This is the 14th time we've polled this race now and the percentage of undecideds still hasn't gone below 60%. Dellinger and Dalton are well funded but have been mostly sitting on their money so far. When they start spending it is when people will start to pay more attention and the race will start to see substantive movement. This is the second month in a row Smathers has held a slim lead.


Janet Cowell 16
David Young 15
Michael Weisel 8

This race has seen the same story all three times we've polled it in 2008. Cowell up a point on Young with Weisel lagging behind. Young always does best in the Mountains where he's from and Cowell always does best in the Triangle where she lives. Same story as the Lieutenant Governor's race- all three candidates have money and when they start spending someone might break 20% in the poll.


June Atkinson 37
Eddie Davis 14


Beth Wood 24
Fred Aikens 16

Insurance Commissioner:

Wayne Goodwin 19
David Smith 13

Labor Commissioner:

John Brooks 14
Mary Fant Donnan 11
Robin Anderson 9
Ty Richardson 7

Some folks wondered if the entry of Brooks, who previously served four terms in the office, would make him the presumptive front runner. His small lead is an indication though that he has little residual name recognition and that any of the candidates has a decent chance at winning the nomination.

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