Monday, March 3, 2008

The nuts are out

I've gotten several pretty bizarre phone calls about today's polls.

Two of them asked me if we were on the take for the Clinton campaign. Ironic because two weeks ago I saw accusations the other way around when we showed Obama up by much more than other pollsters in Wisconsin.

I tried to reason with them and one of them seemed to be convinced but the other just kept going until I finally had to tell him he was a nutcase and hang up on him.

I appreciate the passion that each candidate's supporters are showing in this election season but folks taking it a little too seriously are hurting those they are trying to help in my opinion.

I also got a call from someone purporting to be calling on behalf of the Bush administration about the poll!

I think I'm letting my phone go to voice mail the rest of the day and I'll call back people who actually need to be called back.

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